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  • Keeping your pool clean and properly maintained will enable you to use it to the fullest during the hot summer months

    The right chemical balance enables you to swim without discomfort and/or health risks

    Creating a balanced chemical treatment for your pool no longer needs to be a time consuming process if you hire the right company to do the job

    Enjoy Your Pool to the Fullest with the Right Chemical Balance

  • Regular pool cleaning helps your pool last longer than it would have otherwise

    We offer customized pool cleaning services to suit the specific requirements of any given season

    Our services ensure your pool continues to be a boost to your home's overall value and provide you with many hours of fun-filled swimming

    Lengthen the Life of Your Pool with Proper Maintenance

  • Cleaning the filter on a regular basis is one of the most important aspects of pool care and maintenance

    Not all filters are safe to clean on a DIY basis; calling in a professional is almost always the best option

    Get affordable, high quality filter cleaning and pool parts maintenance to ensure everything remains in good working order

    Filter Care and Pool Parts Maintenance

  • A wide array of flexible package deals to suit the needs of any pool owner

    Get dependable, experienced pool servicing and repair work at competitive prices

    Flexible Pool Care that Meets Your Needs Without Breaking Your Budget

Need high quality, efficient, timely pool service in Rancho Cucamonga?

We offer chemical and equipment checking, pool and filter cleaning and more.

Pool Service Rancho Cucamonga has been in business for well over a decade and we ensure our workmen are not only skilled and competent but also fully bonded and insured. We hold ourselves to a high standard of excellence to ensure that your pool is clean, chemically balanced, fully maintained and in good working order at all times. Whether you hire us to handle regular maintenance or do emergency pool repairs, we take extra steps to ensure the work is done right the first time around.

We offer consultations to any pool owner who wants to know more about our one-time services or regular pool packages. There is no obligation to work with us after we provide a quote. You can get in touch with us by phone, email or simply by leaving a message via our website. We look forward to hearing from you!

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    the weekly service is great and very reliable. the work done is always quality
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    Enjoy Your Pool to the Fullest with the Right Chemical Balance

    Having a pool is great fun, but only if you can enjoy it to the fullest. Contaminated water or water that has been over-treated with the wrong chemicals can not only ruin the fun of swimming, but can also cause health problems and, in some cases, permanent damage to the pool. That is why we take special care when handling the chemical balance of your pool. We will ask you which (if any) chemicals have been added to the water on a regular basis and ensure that our water treatment is just right for the amount of water you have in your pool. When this is done, we run the filter for a full hour to ensure that all chemicals are properly distributed in the water.

    Lengthen the Life of Your Pool with Proper Maintenance

    Even a well-built pool will need proper maintenance in order to hold up to wear and tear. Failing to clean the pool properly at the appointed times could result in permanent stains and/or discoloration. Special care must also be taken if you opt to empty the pool during the cold winter months. We understand how important and valuable a swimming pool is both in terms of boosting the home’s value and providing a way for you and your family to cool off during the hot summer months. We work with all types of pools, regardless of whether they have an automatic cleaning system or not and our cleaning service is customized to suit the season.

    Filter Care and Pool Parts Maintenance

    The filter is an integral part of any pool and it must be cleaned on a regular basis. Exactly how often a filter should be cleaned depends on a number of factors; however, we urge homeowners who are too busy to regularly monitor their pool filter to allow us to clean it as often as needed. Having a professional clean the filter is also safer than cleaning it on your own, as some filters are quite complex and can even explode when not handled with care. The cost of our regular filter cleaning and maintenance service is much lower than having to replace spare parts or an entire filter due to lack of proper maintenance and we will also be sure to let you know about any potential filter problems that could damage your pool. Additionally, we check and clean pool skimmer and pump baskets whenever we add chemicals to your pool.

    Flexible Pool Care that Meets Your Needs Without Breaking Your Budget

    We understand that the pool service Rancho Cucamonga needs of each homeowner is different, depending on how often the pool is used, the size of the pool and the time the homeowner has to dedicate to maintaining a pool and keeping it clean. For this reason, we offer a wide range of service packages to suit the needs of any pool owner. We can come on a regular basis to add chemicals, clean the filter and maintain the pool; alternatively, we can come on an irregular basis to do maintenance, fix broken pool parts and/or check the equipment. We also sell a wide range of pool parts and can make these available to you at a very competitive cost, as well as ensuringe that they are installed by a competent, experienced professional.

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